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The 10th International Workshop on Modeling the Ocean



Session 1 Air-sea-ice coupled processes

Session 2 Large Scale Circulation and Climate Dynamics

Session 3 Waves, Currents and Turbulence

Session 4 Shelf/Slope, coastal & marginal sea processes

Session 5 Multi-scale interactions: gyres, eddies & fronts

Session 6 From Observations to Model Predictions

Session 7 Ecosystem, biogeochemical & interdisciplinary science

Session 8 Model development & application



We're pleased to announce the confirmed presence of


Dr. George Mellor

Professor Emeritus of Princeton University


as well as other invited speakers:


Prof. Alan Blumberg (JUPITER Hydroscience Risk Analysis)

Prof. Alexander Babanin (The University of Melbourne)

Prof. Ruoying He (North Carolina State University)

Prof. Fei Chai (University of Maine & Second Institute of Oceanography - China)



Click to access the final Program and Book of Abstracts

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