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The 10th International Workshop on Modeling the Ocean



Numerical modeling of storm surges in the coast of Mozambique


Ocean Waves as a Missing Link Between Atmosphere and Ocean


On the scale dependence of oceanic eddy potential energy dissipation


The Fate of Man-made Radionuclides in a Semi-Enclosed Basin


Investigating adjustment of wind profile formulas to a reference height using observation records at the Ieodo Ocean Research Station


Biophysical modeling of the Brazilian sardine: from reproduction to your table


Brazil Current behavior at 22°S controlled by surface forcing: A modeling approach


Impacts of different strategies to assimilate ARGO data into the HYCOM over the South Atlantic


Automated eddy detection in the Brazil Current near the Abrolhos bank


Tidal modulations of surface gravity waves in the Gulf of Maine


Sea surface cooling mechanism during ocean SACZ episodes at Southwestern Atlantic


Wind-induced subduction at the South Atlantic subtropical front


Longer waves modulation on short waves dissipation source term


Nonlinear Wave Ensemble Averaging using Neural Networks


High resolution hydrodynamic forecast system - Implementation and preliminary validation


Numerical modeling of the interactions between hurricanes, the Gulf Stream and coastal sea level


Application of the 4D-Variational Data Assimilation Method of the Regional Ocean Modeling System (ROMS) to Simulate Circulation on the Southeast Brazilian Ocean Region


Role of Brazil Current warming in amplifying 2008 Santa Catarina Extreme precipitation event


Effects of wave-current interactions on suspended-sediment dynamics during strong wave events: Model development and application


Development of an Inter-basin Pacific-Indian Ocean Model: The Indoesian ThroughFlow (ITF) and the Circulation in the Banda Sea


A Numerical Simulation of Surface Waves, Wave-Current Interaction, and Langmuir Circulations

Sea Surface Salinity Variability in the South Atlantic from Satellite and Model Data

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